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New Website Focuses On Canadian-grown Food

CanadianFoodFocus explores how food is grown and raised, shares recipes and provides useful advice to help people make confident food choices.

Research from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity shows that consumers look for information about their food from friends, family and social media. CanadianFoodFocus is intended to connect with consumers in a fun, conversational manner and provide the information they are looking for about their food. Articles from expert contributors are organized into the following themes:

  • In Your Kitchen: articles written by food professionals about cooking with Canadian ingredients
  • Recipes: a series of articles with recipes supplied by Canadian farm organizations
  • Health: articles written by dietitians about healthy eating
  • Canadian Food Stories: articles about Canadian foods and food producers
  • On the Farm: behind-the-scenes photos and video from farmers

“Our goal is to create understanding and grow a community around the amazing food that we enjoy here in Canada,” said Clinton Monchuk, Executive Director with Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan, the organization leading this project. “Consumers naturally have questions about their food and how it is grown. Meanwhile, farmers, ranchers, processors and others along the food value chain want to engage with consumers to learn what they are looking for and to be transparent about the ways they produce food. It’s all about having conversations about the thing that brings us together across the country: our food.”

Although Saskatchewan is leading this initiative, the project is national in scope.

Source : Saskpulse

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