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"Nothing About Agriculture" In This Week's Throne Speech

The Conservative's Shadow Minister of Agriculture says what was not in this week's Throne Speech is more telling than what was included.
John Barlow, representing the Foothills riding, says the word agriculture did not appear once, along with oil, gas and pipelines.
Barlow says he and his fellow Conservatives will not be voting to pass the Liberal's throne speech when it comes up next week in Parliament because of the issues which were not included.
"You look at the crisis that we are facing in agriculture, where it's trade issues with China, India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, around the world, or oil and gas and our ability to get our products and our commodities to market."
Barlow says with new job numbers Friday, December 6 showing over 71,000 people losing their jobs in November, most of those coming in Quebec, where 45,000 jobs were lost while Alberta and B.C. each lost 18,200 jobs, it shows the Prime Minister is out of touch when it comes to economic issues.
"Clearly there are clouds on the horizon when it comes to the global economy and the Canadian economy. Nothing in that Throne Speech was said about addressing some of those issues. In fact it was all about throwing more money around and getting further and further into very deep debt. So, we will not be supporting the Throne Speech."
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