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Plum Coulee's Global Grain Placed Into Receivership

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) has confirmed that Global Grain (Plum Coulee), CanPulse Foods (SK), and Globeways Canada (ON) have been placed into receivership.
Remi Gosselin with the Canadian Grain Commission says the three companies went into receivership November 19th.
"The CGC holds security in the form of a payable insurance policy in the amounts of $6.5 million for Canpulse Foods Limited, $1.25 million for Global Grain Canada Limited and $50,000 for Globeways Canada Incorporated," he commented.
Gosselin says they are aware that some producers recently demanded the return of their grain from Global Grain at Plum Coulee for unpaid deliveries.
"This is the first time in recent memory that producers have exercised their right to the return of grain of this magnitude. So, we believe that the company has returned the majority of this inventory to producers that hold outstanding elevator receipts. We consider it to be a good news story and it also serves to reduce liability to producers."
Gosselin reminds producers that are still owed money that they must file a claim with the Canadian Grain Commission by November 30th, after which time claims will be evaluated.
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