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Producers Putting Up Greenfeed

Livestock producers have been busy cutting crops for greenfeed or silage. 
Livestock and Feed Extension Specialist Catherine Lang says a key factor in determining when to cut the crop is the moisture.
"Optimum bale moisture is at that 15 per cent for those hardcore round bales, if bales start to get between that 16 to 20 per cent moisture molding can occur. Often what is associated with mold is mycotoxins, which can be very detrimental to animal health as well as to overall palatability."
She says it's also important to watch for crop maturity, forage quality and quantity.
"Quite often that staging for greenfeed and silage is at that soft dough staging, because as that plant is maturing and its setting seed or growing the kernel, that's where all the energy is. As the crop grows bigger they get more overall fibre to the plant and then when it gets courser it doesn't digest as well within the rumen of the cow."
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