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Province increases investment in water infrastructure

In the last two years, over 19,000 acres were brought under irrigation in Saskatchewan.

With interest in water infrastructure continuing to grow the Ministry of Agriculture is providing more support.

Agriculture Minister David Marit says the province is investing $2.5 million which will help producers access up to $500,000 under the Irrigation Development Program, thats up from the previous maximum payment of $300,000. 

Producers now have until December 31, 2022 to apply for their Irrigation Development pre-approval and the Irrigation Environmental Efficiency pre-approval applications which will give irrigators more flexibility to complete their projects. 

Applicants will have up to 18 months from written project approval to submit a claim under the program. 

Irrigators are encouraged to apply early and submit their claims as soon as their projects are completed. 

Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association Chairman Aaron Gray says the investments in irrigation development support all sectors of the province.

"We are pleased the government is committed to growing rural Saskatchewan through irrigation initiatives. This funding will help to sustainably develop more irrigable acres in this province to create a more prosperous future for every citizen." 

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