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Province investing $226,000 for educational programming, $95,000 for infrastructure projects in 2022-2023

The province has announced that in 2022-23, 56 agricultural societies will receive education funding totalling $226,000. An additional $95,000 in infrastructure funding will be given to 45 agricultural societies as part of the $1.4 million investment into infrastructure projects.

“Making memories and celebrating our togetherness across the province is so important to our shared quality of life and to the economic vitality and strength of our communities,” said Manitoba Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson. “With this continuing investment, agricultural societies can host events such as agricultural fairs and education programming as well as improve community infrastructure to support these and other community events.”

Johnson added that Manitoba agricultural societies will continue to return to pre-COVID-19 levels with this financial support.

“Agricultural societies in Manitoba have long appreciated the support of the department and are pleased this support is ongoing so agricultural societies can continue their work in their communities,” said Pamela Hansen, president, Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies. “These grants can help with educational activities and community events as well as special projects that may have been put on hold due to the pandemic.”

In 2021-22:

- 74 per cent of reporting agricultural societies organized at least one event;
- 72 per cent were able to undertake one or more activities that supported Manitoba Agriculture’s mandate;

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