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Provincial Prairie Forage Associations Launch Regional Soil Health Network

Organizers of Prairie Canada’s top conferences around soil health, grazing and regenerative agriculture are joining forces to work with, promote and celebrate each provincial group’s event and organizational activities with the launch of the Prairie Region Soil Health Network.
Western Canada Conference on Soil Health and Grazing (Alberta), Saskatchewan Forage Council (SFC) and Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) have all connected their annual events and organizational activities via a jointly-signed Memorandum of Understanding to work collaboratively and together to make sure the interests of Prairie Canada farmers and producers are front and center via the connectivity of the Prairie Region Soil Health Network.
“The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted producer-focused conferences all across North America, and we know first-hand how that impact has influenced our ability to plan, host and engage producer audiences via gatherings and conferences across Canada’s Prairies,” said MFGA Executive Director Duncan Morrison. “Our agriculture conferences are critical lifelines for each of our smaller-sized groups. We need them for the attendance gate and financial reasons, but most of all, we need them as a place and opportunity for producers to network and learn and share knowledge among each other.”
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