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Pulse Specialist Provides Crop Update

The province's Pulse Specialist Dennis Lange (Manitoba Agriculture) gave us an update on Manitoba's soybean crop.
"For the most part soybeans are looking fairly well this year," he said. "We're into the flowering stage already in most regions of Manitoba. Overall we're looking at a few less acres than what we saw last year. Still waiting for final numbers to come out from MASC, but my early projections were somewhere around a million acres. Overall we're looking not too bad insect-wise. There's been a few reports of some grasshoppers being sprayed in different regions but nothing too severe at this point. Overall, disease levels look pretty low so far."
Lange touched on dry beans.
"Fungicide application is starting now. Growers are assessing whether or not they have the right conditions on their field....A few reports of bacterial blight but again that's mainly due to the winds and the hard rains that we've had."
He says dry bean acres will be up over last year, with early projections somewhere between 150,000 to 160,000 acres.
Lange also commented on Manitoba's pea crop.
"Overall, things are looking positive for peas. I think growers that have been growing them and have been putting them on some better ground and haven't got that rain, those peas are looking pretty good. But we're still a ways from harvest yet, so time will tell."
He notes we're seeing more peas being grown in Manitoba this year compared to previous years.
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