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Ralco Acquires Hormel Agri-Nutrition.

From a Ralco News Release

Marshall, MN, USA –  Continuing its strategy of delivering exceptional animal nutrition and health products to livestock and poultry producers, Ralco Nutrition, Inc. today announced it has completed its acquisition of Hormel Agri-Nutrition , the livestock feed business  of Hormel Foods. The agreement expands Ralco’s feed division through the acquisition of an existing staff that closely matches the core mission and values of Ralco.  

“It was a perfect fit.  Hormel Foods was looking to exit the feed business to focus on their core business. Ralco’s core business is livestock and poultry nutrition. It’s an example of both companies focusing on what they do best,” said Jon Knochenmus, Ralco President.

Through the acquisition of Hormel Agri-Nutrition, Ralco has also worked out agreements to retain the existing sales and technical staff, so customers will receive service from their existing account representative and technical person.

“This was an opportunity for us to build on an already excellent feed business by acquiring Hormel Agri-Nutrition. They have great customers, and we are excited to serve those customers and welcome them into the Ralco family.  Throughout this acquisition, our goal is to make sure customers are provided the quality and service that they have always received,” Knochenmus said.

Ralco has experienced growth in many areas during the past decade by providing exclusive technologies that increase the profitability of livestock producers. The acquisition of Hormel Agri-Nutrition strengthens the team of industry professionals at Ralco. A technical team of beef, swine, poultry nutritionists and chemical engineers with PhDs or advanced degrees have the knowledge and experience to perfect proprietary technologies.

“Ralco is growing; Ralco is on the move and this acquisition fits into our plans beautifully. We had an opportunity to acquire good solid people in Hormel Agri-Nutrition. We are very excited about this opportunity to continue to serve the needs of our customers,” Knochenmus said.

Ralco is a family business that started in Minnesota 41 years ago. Today its animal nutrition, animal health and agronomy products are sold and distributed throughout the USA and Canada and more than 20 other countries.

Source: Ralco

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