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ReFeed Farm’s Solution to Canada’s Food Waste Problem

Food waste has become a dangerous habit for Canadians and continues to be a growing concern both economically and environmentally. However, there is hope for the future of food waste in Canada thanks to individuals and organizations working towards innovative solutions. One of these organizations is ReFeed Farms.  

Beginning in Langley, British Columbia, ReFeed Farms was created to address food insecurity by utilizing a zero-waste food system. This system was created in partnership with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) and is called Circular Nutrition™.   

Stuart Lilley, Founder of ReFood Farms, explained his motivation for ReFeed Farms by saying “I saw firsthand how much food was being wasted in our community, and I knew with the right system in place how much impact we could create. I couldn’t sit by and do nothing when I knew how to solve it.” 

To spread awareness about food waste and their mission, ReFood Farms, GVFB, and Rich&Jay Creative have released a short documentary titled “Rethinking Food”. This 9-minute film explains the Circular Nutrition™ process while sharing an impactful message to take care of our food system.

Source : Small Farm Canada

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Silage How and Why (Bernard Adams 2013)

Video: Silage How and Why (Bernard Adams 2013)

What is high moisture hay?High moisture hay can be referred to as haylage, baleage, and silage. It is less than 60% moisture hay that has been wrapped air tight and allowed to ferment. There are numerous reasons to produce high moisture hay these include:

• Minimize harvest loss

• Reduced harvest time

• Increase ADG (Average Daily Gain)

• Minimize storage loss

• Reduce feed cost

• Reduce weather risk

Bernard Adam is one of the most recognized figures in the history of haylage production. Since 1989 he has performed over 1,000 haylage seminars worldwide. He has been very influential in the current production and products we use for the haylage process, and participates in many private and university studies involving haylage.