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Ruby 360 Integrated Agricultural Solutions

Spotlight on: Ruby 360 Integrated Agricultural Solutions

By: Leslie Stewart Media Team reporter Rachel Gingell met recently with the president of Ruby 360, Barry Ruby, to talk about three innovative products to boost efficiency for poultry, swine, and dairy farmers.

Ruby showed Gingell the PigScale. The PigScale is designed to analyze the growth patterns of swine to help farmers achieve peak animal performance by continually weighing the animals in real time.

The Once LED lighting system has different color settings for specific animals at different times in their growth cycle.

“It’s the number-one selling LED for agricultural in the US and we’re taking Canada by storm with it,” adds Ruby.

The Munters Drive system is a DC-direct drive fan. Unlike conventional fans that run off belts and pulleys, this system is cool-running and can save farmers up to 40% off their energy costs.