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Russell Ball Named NAEDA Dealer Advocate of the Year

The North American Equipment Dealers Assn. (NAEDA) recognizes Russell Ball of 21st Century Equipment as the Dealer Advocate of the Year. The award was presented to Ball on Jan. 30, 2024, at the North American Dealer Conference in Dallas.

One of NAEDA’s priorities is federal and state government affairs. However, most advocacy efforts are successful when equipment dealers testify before committees and share how proposed legislation can be either harmful or helpful to the industry. The Dealer Advocacy Award is presented each year to a dealer whose efforts contributed to positive policy outcomes benefiting the equipment dealer industry. The award recognizes not only those who engage in our association's government affairs advocacy, but those that go above and beyond.

In 2023, Ball took on even more than he probably expected. When Colorado introduced a Right to Repair bill, he was at the forefront of the fight. He attended and testified in every legislative hearing, including a marathon seven-hour Senate committee session on the bill. He even took the meaning of equipment demonstrations to a new level, bringing a tractor to the Capitol lawn on a snowy, freezing day to help educate legislators. His efforts were instrumental in getting the language in the Colorado bill amended to protect equipment dealers.

Ball also brought that valuable experience to bear in another Capitol when he attended NAEDA’s Washington D.C. fly-in in March 2023. He was instrumental in educating Congressional members about the dealers’ perspective on the Right to Repair issue.

Ball has been with 21st Century Equipment for nearly 31 years. In addition to his dedication to the company, Ball has given back to the industry and his community in numerous ways. He is a former director and chairman of a regional equipment dealer association, served 30 years as a volunteer firefighter for his rural fire district, and is the voice of his local high school football team announcing games for the Cheyenne Wells Tigers. 

The NAEDA board of directors wishes to not only congratulate Ball for being named Dealer Advocate of the Year, but to thank him for his efforts on both the Colorado bill and his advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C.  

Source : Farm Equipment

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