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Sask Pork Whole Hog youth ambassador outlines importance of public awareness for pork production

Sask Pork's Whole Hog Youth Ambassador says it's important for people to be more aware of where their food comes from and lots of other products too.

Sask Pork’s just-launched The Whole Hog Youth Ambassador Program is a new agricultural education program designed to help share the story of pork production in spite of the biosecurity protocols that make communicating with consumers such a challenge.

Ten-year-old Reise Podhordeski, a farm kid from Marcelin, Saskatchewan and the Sask Pork Whole Hog Youth Ambassador, says The Whole Hog Youth Ambassador Program was set up to give young people an opportunity to learn about the pork industry from someone close to their own age.

”I live on a commercial hay farm with my family north of Saskatoon. We also have horses and I have been involved in 4-H and I get to help with lots of things around the yard. My dad's family raised pigs when he was growing up and I've heard lots of stories from him and my Nana,” explained Podhordeski. “My role as a youth ambassador is to learn first by asking questions of people who work in the industry and then share what I've learned. I've been able to make some videos and have opportunities like this one to share information. I really want to share how much farmers care for their pigs.”

“We get a lot of really great pork from pigs but also a lot of other things that I didn't even know came from pigs. I think its important for people to know where their food comes from and a lot of other products too.
Lots of people don't seem to know a lot about agriculture. I will hope to be sharing with lots of classrooms and kids my age about what I'm learning,” added Podhordeski.

Over the next year, in his role as Whole Hog Youth Ambassador, Podhordeski will be highly visible throughout the pork industry, across the province and on Sask Pork's social media channels. He'll also be on hand at various events such as Agribition, Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium and various agri-ed events as well as being involved in the production of a series of videos.

Source : Saskpork

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