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Sask Pulse Sees Strong Interest in Board Positions

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers will be receiving a voting package in the mail in the weeks ahead.
Executive Director Carl Potts says they have six candidates vying for the three positions on the Board of Directors.
"We have Bruce Elke of Jansen, Norm Hall of Wynyard, Corey Loessin of Radisson, Ryan Neubauer
of Saskatoon, Winston Van Staveren of Creelman, and Terry Youzwa of Nipawin are all the six candidates that
have been nominated for the election."
He notes it's good to see that kind of interest.
"We're excited to have six candidates available for this years election. I think it does show some interest, and candidates
that want to make a contribution and provide leadership to the industry."
Candidate profiles will be available online, with voting set to open October 19th.
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