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Sask. rolls out strategic programs

Saskatchewan has signed its bilateral agreement on farm supports with Ottawa and announced its strategic initiatives program for the next five years.

Agriculture minister David Marit, with federal rural economic development minister Gudie Hutchings, announced the $485 million spending plans under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership March 20. It takes effect April 1 and represents the non-business risk management portion of the policy framework.

About $89.4 million will be spent each year, compared to $71.2 million per year in the last agreement.

“It’s a 25 percent increase over the last five years,” Marit said.

Half of that increase goes toward the new Resilient Agriculture Landscapes Program and the other half is spread among the other initiatives.

“It’s to look at water quality, soil health and biodiversity, and we’ll have some overlap,” he said of RALP, which focuses largely on livestock.

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