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Sask Wheat encourages farmers to participate in the Canada Grain Act consultations

Saskatoon – The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat) encourages grain farmers to participate in the consultations on the Canada Grain Act review. Farmers have until April 30, 2021 to submit their feedback.
“Farmers need to make their voices heard during this consultation as many of the potential recommendations for the Canada Grain Act will have a direct impact on their farming operations,” said Brett Halstead, Sask Wheat Chair. “Sask Wheat is actively participating in this review, as well, but there will be a greater opportunity to influence the changes in the Act if as many farmers as possible contribute their opinions and experiences during the review.”
Many topics that fall under this review’s scope are important to farmers, including variety classification, producer payment protection, Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) oversight on objective measurements, access to binding determination, and improved data collection and reporting.
Canada’s quality assurance system and the Canadian brand are highly regarded by international customers and help to support the competitive position of farmers. As part of protecting the Canadian brand, Sask Wheat is in favour of mandatory outward inspection remaining as a function performed by the CGC. Sask Wheat notes that additional improvements to the current system should be pursued during the CGA/CGC review that strengthens the functions that support Canada’s quality assurance system and the Canadian brand.
In response to the resolution recently passed at Sask Wheat’s AGM calling for the establishment of an Export Sales Reporting Program, Sask Wheat will work with other commissions to advocate for the CGC to expand its export sales reporting to assist farmers in making marketing decisions and improve overall market transparency.
In preparation for the CGA/CGC consultation and review, Sask Wheat contracted a report to review potential changes to the Canada Grain Act and their implications for Saskatchewan grain producers’ activities and economics. This report is now available on Sask Wheat’s website: CLICK HERE.
Among the recommendations, Sask Wheat believes that it is vital that the CGC’s mandate as set out in the Canada Grain Act continues to work “in the interests of the grain producers.” Furthermore, the governance structure of the CGC needs to ensure that farmers’ interests are protected from the parties that are meant to be regulated by the Canada Grain Act.
Sask Wheat encourages all producers to get involved in the Canada Grain Act consultations and continue to watch our website, e-news, and Twitter for updates on Sask Wheat’s involvement in the consultation. 
To participate in the consultations, CLICK HERE.
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