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Saskatchewan Adjusts Grazing Leases for 2023

Amid ongoing dry conditions which have negatively impacted pastures, the Saskatchewan government is cutting a break to those producers who lease Crown land for grazing. 

In a release Wednesday, the province said it is freezing this year’s lease rate at the 2022 level. Further, those producers who must reduce their stocking rates on Crown land due to the dry conditions will be eligible for a rent reduction to a maximum of 50%. 

“We are pleased with today’s announcement, as it is something many of our ranchers have been calling for,” Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association Chair Arnold Balicki said. 

Saskatchewan's Crown grazing rates are established annually using a formula based on fall cattle prices and the long-term stocking rate of each parcel of land. This year's rate freeze will apply to all grazing leases across the province. 

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