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Saskatchewan Argues Carbon Tax Case Before The SCOC

Saskatchewan begins arguing its carbon tax reference case today before the Supreme Court of Canada.
The case evolves around whether Ottawa has the constitutional right to implement the Federal Carbon Tax on the Provinces.
Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan says we believe that we have strong legal grounds in this case, particularly considering that we’re arguing on the same grounds that saw the Alberta Court of Appeal rule the Trudeau carbon tax unconstitutional.
In a letter to party members, Premier Scott Moe says the Trudeau government is trying to force their money-grabbing tax scheme
on provinces like Saskatchewan to shut down our oil and gas sector.
The federal carbon tax legislation imposes a carbon tax on some provinces, but not others based on the strategies each province uses to reduce carbon emissions
and mitigate the effects of climate change.
Morgan says while the question today is whether each province has a right to choose its own climate change plan, this legislation could have far-reaching consequences for the autonomy of every Canadian province if it is allowed to stand.
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