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Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference Gets Underway

Cattlemen from around the Province are gathering in Saskatoon over the next two days for the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference.
One of the topics on the agenda today is Transportation Regulations and Research.
The beef industry has raised concerns about New Livestock Transport regulations that are set to come into effect in February.
The proposed regulations call for all beef and diary cattle to be provided feed and water every 36 hours, down from the current 48 hours.
The CCA believes the new regulations will increase stress on cattle and their chance of injury, due to the changes requiring more loading and unloading for rest stops.
In addition, there is concern over the lack of rest stops set up to properly handle the unloading of livestock as required under the regulations.
Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau has said Ottawa would take another two years to determine appropriate livestock transport times for the beef industry.
Livestock Transportation falls under the CCA’s Animal Health Care Committee co-chaired by Reg Schellenberg.
He says they are cautiously optimistic about the news and will be reviewing the full details.
He notes the beef industry was united from coast to coast in working on the transport issue because it impacted every province.
The Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference wraps up on Thursday.
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