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Saskatchewan Farmers Starting To Dessicate Pulse Crops In The South

Saskatchewan Agriculture's weekly crop report shows harvest operations are just getting underway in the Province. 
Farmers in some areas of the Southeast and Southwest have started desiccating pulse crops with others saying they'll likely begin in the next couple of weeks.
Warm weather over the last week definitely helped to advance crops with most now at their normal stage of development.
Crops Extension Specialist Sarah Tetland says many areas would like to see a little rain to help finish off the crop and boost pasture conditions. 
Provincially, pasture conditions are rated as three per cent excellent,  34 per cent good, 39 per cent fair, 17 per cent poor and seven per cent very poor with some producers in the Southwest noting concerns around winter feed shortages due to reduced hay yields.  
Pastures in the Southeast are suffering due to dry conditions, while the majority of pastures in the west-central and northern regions are rated as fair-to-good condition. 
Heat, dry conditions, and wind all contributed to crop damage this week as temperatures hit the 30's which also caused some heat blasting in canola and push some crops through flowering.  
There was also damage reported by insects such as grasshoppers, bertha armyworms, aphids and diamondback moths, as well as diseases. 
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