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Saskatchewan Launches New Mental Health App

The Province is launching a new app to help farmers track their mental health and link them to support.
Agriculture Minister David Marit says they worked on the project with Innovation Saskatchewan and Bridges Health.
He notes the app which can be downloaded now is called "Avail".
"It just gives you an opportunity to go and look at it if you know if you're having some mental health issues. You can look at articles and there's videos in there. Some online tips and even if you need some more immediate help, there's also personal support and how to access that personal support as well."
The app analyzes wellness data supplied by the user and was developed by Bridges Health, a mental health organization in Saskatoon.
Innovation Saskatchewan Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor says having access to an app in the privacy of one's own home will enhance the likelihood of people asking for help when they need it the most.
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