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Saskatchewan's Pork Sector Shows Potential

The pork industry in Saskatchewan is growing, today the industry produces about 2.3 million pigs a year.
Mark Ferguson is General Manager of Sask Pork and says the economics for the pork sector is looking good.
“You know this protein shortage worldwide is going to result in higher prices. Secondly, I mean the past year with the harvest we had, there's significant feed grains available and the prices are a little lower than they've been in recent years. So, I mean that's certainly helpful for the bottom line of hog producers. I think there's lots of tough and wet green out there that still needs to be dried and hog producers can make use of that type of product.”
He’s optimistic about the growth in the industry.
“We've had a couple of new barns built and populated with hogs and that's very exciting for the industry. I think we're probably going to see some more construction in the New Year which is great. You know, I think there's some very positive indicators that are influencing people’s decisions to build barns.”
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