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Science for Success offers Keys to Early Season Soybean Success webinar series

The Science for Success partnership brings together 26 Extension specialists from land-grant institutions across the country, representing more than 80% of US soybean acres.

Science for Success soybean specialists

These specialists contribute their own state-gleaned knowledge and research results to the program to bring you sound, research-based Best Management Practices (BMPs). 

A new webinar series, Keys to Early Season Soybean Success, will share up-to-date, data-driven recommendations that you can use this spring. 

Join the new webinar series

Science for Success invites you to attend three live webinars, “Keys to Early Season Soybean Success,” on March 17, 24, and 31, 2023. Please register and attend these great events. All webinars will begin at noon, Central Daylight Time.

Research efforts

These soybean specialists have conducted multistate research projects aimed at providing all farmers insights into optimizing soybean production. Research areas include foliar fertilizers, S and N fertilizer for soybean, biological seed treatments, nitrogen fixation, soil health, and more. 


Results from these works are being published in the scientific literature and developed into national extension publications. Several publications are already available:  

  • How to pick the right soybean row spacing 
  • Soybean plant population density 
  • The best soybean planting date
  • Planter technologies 
  • Keys to Success: Choosing the right soybean variety 
  • Soybean Plant Stands: Is replanting necessary?
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