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See For Yourself: Importance Of International Marketing

As a South Dakota soybean farmer, you have the opportunity to see how the South Dakota soybean checkoff contributes to export opportunities. This June, the SD soybean checkoff will host 15 soybean farmers on a See For Yourself mission to the Pacific Northwest, a major export region for soybeans from South Dakota. The mission will give participants the opportunity to see how the checkoff works to increase productivity, profitability and demand.

South Dakota soybean farmers are encouraged to apply for this year’s See For Yourself mission, June 24 to 27. The checkoff will cover all travel expenses. The See For Yourself trip will highlight the Port of Tacoma, Tacoma Export Marketing Company (TEMCO), Port of Grays Harbor (PGH), the AGP facility, Port of Longview and the Imperium Renewables biodiesel plant.

“The facilities the group will visit all play an essential role in the export process. The See For Yourself program is really an opportunity for farmers to witness what happens with their soybeans beyond the elevator,” said Sarah Even, SDSRPC communications director.

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