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Seeding Progress Good In Southern Alberta

Seeding was in full swing over the past week before the rain slowed progress according to alberta agriculture.
Producers in the North East Region made the most seeding progress at 27 per cent, followed by the North West and Central Regions
at 22 and 19 per cent progress, respectively.
Seeding progress was lowest in the Southern and Peace Regions, at 14 per cent progress.
Provincially, as of May 26, about 80 per cent of crops have been seeded, up 20 per cent of major crops from a week ago and just behind the 5-year average of 81 per cent.
In the south, 97 per cent of spring wheat has been seeded, 89.9 per cent of canola, 93.2 per cent of barley and 93.5 per cent of oats.
A major weather system brought a significant amount of moisture to many parts of the province by the end of last week, and halted both seeding and harvesting operations across the province for a couple of days, depending on the amount of rainfall received.
The precipitation totaled over 80 mm through some parts of the Southern Region.
Source : HighRiverOnline