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Senator Rob Black Reflects on Rural Revitalization

St. John’s – The Honourable Rob Black participated in a panel at Memorial University hosted by the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF). Black, who represents Ontario in the Senate, was joined by Senators Mary Coyle (Nova Scotia) and Diane Griffin (Prince Edward Island).
The panel discussion focused on the Senate’s role in rural development. Senator Black has long worked in rural community development in Ontario, most notably in his past role as Chief Executive Officer of the Rural Ontario Institute (ROI). Even though he represents the entire province of Ontario, along with 23 other senators, Black uses his experience to add a rural voice to debates in the Senate.
“I always look at bills and issues through a rural lens,” said Black. “Some legislation can have different effects on rural populations than it does in cities and urban settings. As senators, we have a responsibility to consider all Canadians.”
CRRF is a charitable organization that aims to improve life in rural Canada. The group undertakes research and other initiatives to identify gaps and possible solutions. The CRRF just released its third “State of Rural Canada” report on October 2, during the 2019 Sustainable Communities Conference in St. John’s.
Source : Senate of Canada