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Sensor Technology Advancing Rapidly In Agriculture

In recent years, the agriculture industry has seen the meeting of digital technology with traditional ag machinery.
David Yee, vice president of operations at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), discussed the issue last week at Manitoba Ag Days.
He talked about some of the biggest changes in the industry.
"The biggest ones that we're seeing is actually the marriage between the sensor world, which is traditionally mechanical and it was a hard-based product, we're seeing the biosensors come in and merge with that. That's become really, really unique."
Yee says the agriculture industry has been doing more with sensors than other sectors.
"The biggest uptake on the biosensor side has been on the livestock side. What they're doing, is they're mirroring the medical industry and they actually have a little bit more license because unlike human beings, you can do certain things to livestock animals, in terms of what you want to be able to monitor and see. So that is really on the leading edge."
Source : Steinbachonline