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Sheep Famers Support Budget to Increase Veterinarians in Ontario

Many livestock and poultry owners have been concerned with the limited number of specially trained veterinarians in the province, particularly for certain species (like small ruminants), in certain area such as Northern Ontario. For example, there are 140 sheep producers in the area covering Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder Bay, Cochrane, Algoma, Sudbury, Temiskaming, Nippising, Manitoulin and the rest of Northern Ontario, experiencing difficulty accessing care for their herds.

“A partnership between the University of Guelph and Lakehead University in the north is a positive step for our northern sheep producers,” says John Hemsted, chair of Ontario Sheep Farmers. “We look forward to working with the universities to support their students’ hands-on learning in northern farm communities.”

“In a meeting held this fall in eastern Ontario, our producers suggested financial support for graduates of veterinary programs who wish to work and live in rural and underserved areas as one of the solutions to the veterinary shortage,” says Hemsted. “We are pleased to see the commitment from government in the budget for student loan assistance for veterinarians willing to relocate to underserved areas.”

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Source : Small Farm Canada

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