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Guelph, ON - On Food Day Canada’s 10th Anniversary, everyone can help celebrate and ‘Shine a Light on Canadian cuisine’ on August 1, 2020. It’s pretty simple …just enjoy your favourite Canadian foods and drinks.
We’ve curated a “Shop Like A Canadian” list, focusing specifically on our home grown ingredients. It’s a full-on, pride-filled shopping list on
There has never been a better time to gather really cool Canadian ingredients and make a mini-feast or a huge one. Check out Shop Like a Canadian and have some fun. Use them for all your summer meals or just to learn a new food language of your own with some of the best ingredients on earth grown close to home.  
Did you know…
  • Canada produces our own salt…both sea salt (on both coasts) and mined (Goderich, ON). 
  • There are two areas that harvest sugar beets for granulated sugar – SW Ontario and Lethbridge, Alberta. 
  • Hamilton-based mustard miller G.S. Dunn is the largest on the planet and Canadian mustard seeds are considered to be the finest on earth.
  • Dr. Al Slinkard, the father of the Canadian lentil industry, (we grow more than any other nation), still lives in Saskatoon.  
  • New varieties of beans are being constantly cross-bred, selected and released by the University of Guelph plant breeding programs.  
  • Seaweeds are becoming the hot new veggies on both coasts.
  • Canadian durum wheat is the basic ingredient of pasta and couscous all around the world for one reason…it’s just so good! 
  • The Gellatly Tree Nut Orchard in the Okanagan is the oldest in Canada and has its own array of varieties.
  • Pawpaw trees grow in southern Ontario.  
  • 98% of Canadian farms are family owned and operated.
On Saturday, August 1st, suss out your own treasures, add a few of ours and share them on social media, along with your stories by simply adding #FoodDayCanada to any posts. As this year is Food Day Canada’s 10th Anniversary, we’ve partnered with KitchenAid to give away 10 of their iconic stand mixers.  Each post using #FoodDayCanada is an entry.
Shop, cook, and eat like a Canadian Saturday August 1st and show your gratitude for the amazing food we have in Canada and all the great people that make it happen.
Source : Food Day Canada