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Six Resolutions Passed At KAP Fall Advisory Council Meeting

Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) held its Fall Advisory Council Meeting Friday, October 25 in Brandon, MB.
Below is a list of passed resolutions:
Law Enforcement surrounding Animal Activists – Manitoba Chicken Producers
Whereas, there has been an increase in both the occurrence and extremism of actions taken by animal rights activists against farmers that include breaking the law to highlight their beliefs; and,
Whereas, there is concern that this extreme activism is spreading into regions and mediums that have not been targeted in the past; and,
Whereas, animal rights activists are abolitionists who are focused on ending all animal use, rather than improving animal welfare; and,
Whereas, an individual’s Charter rights must be respected, and the goal is not to prevent legal protest activity, freedom of expression or speech; and,
Whereas, animal rights activists do not have a right to intimidate, harass, trespass, break and enter, interrupt farming businesses, and/or break the law; and,
Whereas, our livestock farmers and their families are fearful and threatened by the recent actions of animal rights activists; and,
Whereas, there needs to be real repercussions, such as charges laid and convictions made, if illegal animal rights activists’ activities are to be curbed; and,
Whereas, the Government of Alberta recently announced amendments coming to Alberta legislation to combat animal rights activism threats, which include;
Petty Trespass to Property Act:
Amendment to be made to specifically address trespassing on agricultural land. Penalties to increase under the act to up to $10,000 for a first offence and up to $25,000 for a second offence. Organizations could be fined up to $200,000. Trespassers could also face imprisonment of up to 6 months.
Animal Health Act:
Amendment to address the costs farmers may incur through biosecurity breaches. Penalties for trespassers who breach biosecurity protocols on agricultural operations can be fined $15,000 for a first offence and $30,000 plus one-year imprisonment for repeat offences.
Provincial Offences Procedures Act:
Increase maximum amount of compensation awarded by the court to $100,000; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, THAT KAP lobby the Government of Manitoba to enhance and fully enforce laws around intimidation, trespass, break & enter, and mischief towards farmers and lay charges to the fullest extent against those that break the law.
Farmland School Tax Rebate Applications – District 3
Be it resolved THAT KAP lobby MASC to have the farmland school tax rebate applications available on the date that property taxes are due.
Filling the Vacant Extension Veterinarian Position – Manitoba Sheep Association
Whereas, The Provincial Extension Veterinarian plays an integral role and is a valued resource to the Manitoba livestock industry and its producers through the dissemination of veterinarian extension information and working directly with local producers, area veterinarians, and other industry stakeholders to address current issues; and,
Whereas, the Manitoba sheep industry continues to grow and expand, and a Provincial Extension Veterinarian would be a valuable resource for producers, especially those getting into sheep production and in regions where veterinarians have no or little sheep production experience; and,
Whereas, there has been no provincial veterinary extension services for more than a year; and,
Whereas, the Provincial Extension Veterinarian would be a great addition and complement to the Department of Agriculture and Resource Development, the Manitoba livestock industry and its producers; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, THAT KAP lobby on behalf of all livestock commodity groups and their producers that the Department of Agriculture and Resource Development fill the vacant Provincial Extension Veterinarian position as quickly as possible.
Red River Floodway – District 4
Whereas, the Red River floodway is being operated outside of its original intent which was to mitigate the impact of spring flooding; and,
Whereas, making changes to the inlet structure will not negatively affect the water flow through the city; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, that KAP lobby the Government of Manitoba to have the inlet structure to the Red River floodway redesigned to facilitate water flow into the floodway without raising the Red River level south of the floodway gates.
Endangered Species – District 4
Whereas, the Department of Conservation and Climate has the ability to stop activities on private property to protect endangered species; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, that KAP lobby the Department of Conservation and Climate to adequately compensate operations affected by the presence of endangered species.
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