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Small producer handbook outlines best practices

New small producer handbook for reference
Alberta Pork has just launched a new resource: our small-scale producer handbook. This handbook serves as a useful reference guide for best practices related to your production. The handbook can also be found on our Small-Scale Production webpage, which includes additional information.
For questions about pork production, please contact Javier Bahamon, Quality Assurance and Production Manager, Alberta Pork by email at or Cristina Neva, Quality Assurance and Production Specialist, Alberta Pork by email at
Producers are required to be registered
Registration with Alberta Pork is required for anyone who owns at least one pig, and that means we represent small-scale producers just the same as any medium- or large-scale producer. Operation types also include many indoor productions but also outdoor productions, particularly among small-scale producers.
Some small-scale producers, especially new ones, are not always aware of registration requirements, but we encourage you to complete and submit our registration forms if you have not already. The process does not take long, is free-of-charge and allows you access to weekly pricing information and more.
Source : Alberta Pork