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Strengthening North American agriculture - collaborative efforts for food security and trade

During the 32nd annual Tri-National Agricultural Accord, officials from the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), along with their counterparts from Canada and Mexico, emphasized the critical role of collaboration in safeguarding food security and boosting trade across North America.

The U.S. delegation, led by NASDA Vice President and Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Blayne Arthur, highlighted the significance of working as a North American alliance to expand trade opportunities and resource availability for farmers, ensuring the production of essential food, fiber, and fuel.

The Canadian delegation was lead by Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit. 

Discussions during the conference revolved around the importance of regulatory harmonization across the continent. Special attention was given to enhancing the reliability of international supply chains, adopting evidence-based decision-making for policy formulation, and expanding North American trade relationships with emerging global markets. Moreover, the officials discussed strategies to provide all

farmers with access to new technologies and to promote agricultural and economic growth within indigenous communities.

In addition to a joint communiqué, statements from both trilateral and bilateral meetings between the participating countries were published as part of the accord's outcomes.

The Tri-National Agricultural Accord serves as a premier platform for senior state and provincial agricultural officials from the US, Canada, and Mexico to collectively address agricultural trade and development matters. This cooperative effort, which dates back to 1992, reflects a steadfast commitment to fostering stronger trade relations and shared progress across North America.

The next step in this collaborative journey will be the hosting of the 33rd annual Tri-National Agricultural Accord by NASDA on behalf of the United States in 2024, marking another milestone in strengthening food security, trade opportunities, and sustainable development across the continent.

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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