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Sukup Grain Reclaimer wins AE50 Award

Sukup Manufacturing Co.’s new Sweep Wheel Grain Reclaimer has been honored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) as among the 50 outstanding innovations of 2017.
The patent-pending device reduces the amount of grain left behind a bin sweep wheel by more than 80 percent.
The Grain Reclaimer will be featured in the January/February special issue of ASABE’s magazine Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World.
“We’re truly honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Charles Sukup, president of Sukup Manufacturing Co. He said the recognition “helps underscore the emphasis our company puts on innovation.” Two products won awards last year – the Mixed-Flow Grain Dryer and the Zero-Entry Commercial Paddle Sweep – and a record four products won awards the previous year. Since 2011 the company has won 14 AE50 Awards. The total since 1991 is 22.
The annual competition is sponsored by Resource magazine, published by ASABE, which is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems.
To be eligible for an award, products must have been introduced and made commercially available in calendar year 2017. Products or systems nominated must be intended principally for use in the production, processing, research, storage, packaging or transportation of agricultural and food products, and have the potential for broad impact.
The Sweep Wheel Grain Reclaimer consists of a slanted plate that fits over the drive wheel gearbox, directing grain inward toward the sweep auger, and a reclaim shield that fits behind the drive wheel. After capturing grain, the sweep wheel lifts it onto the slanted plate, where it flows by gravity into the path of the sweep auger. This patent-pending assembly reduces the amount of grain left behind by more than 80 percent. In addition to reducing the labor needed to remove grain after the sweep has been turned off, the traction of the sweep’s drive wheel is significantly improved. The product is relatively inexpensive and is easy to install.
Companies from around the world nominate products for AE50 Awards. An international panel of engineering experts select up to 50 products that best reflect engineering advancements for the agricultural and food industries.
Sukup Manufacturing Co. is headquartered in Sheffield, Iowa and employs more than 500 people, making it one of the largest employers in North Central Iowa. Its new wholly owned subsidiary Sukup Steel Structures in Ambridge, Pa., employs more than 90 others.
Sukup’s product line includes farm and commercial grain bins, three types of grain dryers, centrifugal and axial fans and heaters, stirring machines, and bin unloading equipment. Sukup also manufactures bucket elevators, drag and chain loop conveyors, support towers and catwalks.
Sukup has six distribution centers in the Midwest and a division in Denmark that serves customers throughout Europe. Sukup has customers in more than 80 countries.
Source : Sukup

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