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Summerland Fall Fair a celebration of agriculture

The Summerland Fall Fair on Friday and Saturday was a community celebration of agriculture.
The two-day event featured a tailgate party and entertainment in Memorial Park on Friday evening and displays of produce and the pioneer workshop at the Summerland Curling Club on Saturday.
Denise MacDonald, chair of the Summerland Fall Fair, said the event has evolved and changed over the years.
This board has adapted and made adjustments. It’s really quite nice to be working with them,” she said.
The fair is a Summerland tradition dating back to 1909.
For three years, from 2015 to 2017, the fair was not held.
In 2018, the fair was brought back with its present structure.
MacDonald said the tailgate party in Memorial Park provides an opportunity for people to meet those who grow their food.
“It showcases industry and hobby farmers, commercial farmers and it connects the consumers to the farmers,” she said.
She added that younger farmers find it valuable since it gives them an opportunity to connect with others involved in Agriculture.
“They had to sacrifice a little bit to show up at the tailgate party, but I think everyone was quite pleased,” she said.
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