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Tenth Annual Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week Prize Awarded

Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week has been a main stay for the agricultural industry in Grey and Bruce Counties since 1966. The featured commodities have evolved as the area’s agricultural focus has changed, but the mandate to provide information to producers and agribusiness has remained firm. Producers have supported our programming for 52 years, so the committee would like to give back to the community. With that mandate in mind, the Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week Committee has established an annual $1000 Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week Prize in conjunction with the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), to recognize new veterinarians entering food animal practices serving producers in Grey and Bruce Counties. This award recognizes the individual’s past accomplishments, but also encourages their future contributions, and commitment to our rural communities.

On, June 14, 2018, at the Convocation Awards ceremony at OVC, Dr. Julia Nguyen was the recipient of the GBFW award. Julia grew up in the suburbs of Oshawa. From a young age she was inspired to be a vet, as she liked the idea of working with animals, while helping owners through the knowledge of animal medicine and behaviour. That early desire to become a veterinarian, led Julia to do a high school co-op placement at a small animal clinic. After her undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, Dr. Nguyen began riding along with large animal practitioners and volunteering at a therapeutic riding centre and farm. She became even more interested in food-producing animals after working on a pasture-based farm for four months in New Hampshire, U.S. That farm raised broilers, layers, beef cattle, heritage breed pigs, turkeys, and lambs. Dr. Nguyen chose food/large animal practice as a result of her experiences and the mentors that have influenced her throughout her life. Julia has a keen interest in bovine veterinary medicine and understanding how veterinarians can play a key role in improving the lives of the animals, farmers, and the broader community. She is currently participating in the Summer Dairy Institute at Cornell University. Once that course is completed, she is looking forward to meeting and working with the clients in the area, and exploring Grey Bruce. She enjoys hiking and stand-up paddleboarding, so she is excited to discover the trails and calm waters the area has to offer.

Representing the Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week Committee, Bill Herron presents the Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week award to Dr. Julia Nguyen


Source : Grey Agricultural Services