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The Nourish Network releases Annual Trend Report for Food, Beverage, and Agriculture for 2022

Nourish Food Marketing, Canada's only full-service marketing agency working exclusively with food, beverage, and agricultural clients, in partnership with Kahntact, leading marketers in the agriculture, food, and life science sectors, have released their annual Trend Report. After an unforgettable year for all of us, the 2022 Nourish Network Trend Report expands on 11 unique trends coming out of this shared global experience and suggests how we can start looking ahead and start thinking about the beginning of the end.

"This is our sixth annual Trend Report, and we are focused on looking into the future," says Jo-Ann McArthur, president of Nourish Food Marketing. "The future is coming faster than you know; it's transparent, it's green, and will need to fulfill the unique needs and perspectives of competing generations."

"While agriculture is as resilient as any sector in the Canadian economy, the past 18 months have thrown an array of new challenges at farmers and those that serve the industry," says Len Kahn, president of Kahntact. "We're excited to dive into some of these factors and examine trends we think will influence the health of the ag economy for the next year and beyond."

The 2022 Report dives into 11 key trends that will shape the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture landscapes in 2021 and beyond. The trends are:

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation: Boomers and Seniors Are Coming On Strong
Let's Make This Clear: Using Purpose Transparency to Gain Consumer Trust
Plant-Based 3.0: A Divide Between Better For You and Better For the Planet, Real Food, and Science
Remapping the Paths to Purchase: An Updated Shopper Journey for Post-COVID Grocery Behaviours
Blurring the Lines: Foodservice Models Get Increasingly Hybridized
Cultivating Your Inner Garden: Eating for Gut Health Goes Mainstream
Save & Splurge: The High-Low Fashion Trend Comes to Food
Bonus Trend — What's Good for Me is Good for Fido: The Humanization of our Pets
Farms On the Edge of Uncertainty: A Perfect Financial Storm Could Capsize the Canadian Agriculture Economy
The Emergence of the Modern Farmer: Doing Away with Stereotypes and an Increased Focus on Mental Health
Urgently Hiring: The Farm Labour Gap Approaches Critical Levels

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