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The Puzzling Paradox of Agri-Waste: Assembling the Pieces for a Circular Bioeconomy

David Bressler, Associate Dean of Research CNAS, ALES Prof. at U of A, and Bioenterprise SIAC Advisor, pieces together energy, food and agriculture, forestry, jet fuel, and waste

By Tabitha Caswell for Bioenterprise

At first glance, Dr. David Bressler’s work might appear disconnected and chaotic, like a box of 10,000 jigsaw pieces dumped in a heap on the floor. But in the world of biorefining and sustainable energy, this puzzle aficionado has a knack for making complex brainteasers seem like child’s play.

Games aside, his motivation is steadfast and earnest, with outcomes focused on designing a circular economy supported by sustainable processes for handling waste, preventing it from being burned or thrown into landfills, and creating value for all players on every team involved, from start to finish.

On his mission to solve major environmental issues, this savvy interdisciplinarian fits together the pieces by way of both discovery and applied sciences. Here, as a revered member of the Science and Innovation Advisory Committee (SIAC) with Bioenterprise, Dr. Bressler graciously shares insight from his world where academia, industry, and government collide.

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