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The Untapped Potential of Diverse Talent: From Comfort Zone to Growth

Developing the cutting-edge technology needed to feed billions of people and build vital infrastructure requires individuals with a wide range of unique talent and experiences. That’s why recruiting and developing the right combination of people is imperative to John Deere’s strategy and at the core of its values.

As leader of global talent acquisition and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies at John Deere, Johane Domersant plays a key role in recruiting top-tier talent.

“We have to be an organization whose workforce represents and reflects the world in which we operate and can help solve the myriad of challenges that impact people and our planet,” Domersant said. “The best way to drive innovation to the fullest extent is to ensure we have broad representation of different backgrounds and perspectives in the room because the reality is that diverse companies operate at a faster pace, drive unique solutions, and do so at a higher profit margin. They just do.”

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