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This Giant Corn Maze In Quebec Is Now The Biggest In The World

  • Le Grand labyrinth Servlinks corn maze in Quebec claims that, this year, it has broken the world record for biggest corn maze in the world.
  • At over 70 acres, it is the size of 181 hockey rinks.
Fall is not all about haunted houses and horror festivals. For many, it's also about the cute earth-tone outfits, colourful landscapres and harvest festivities. Thankfully, these three aspects tend to intersect at Le Grand labyrinth Servlinks, the biggest corn maze in the world.
Located in La Pocatière, Quebec, about a 4 hours drive from Montreal, the labyrinth makes for one of the coolest road trips in the province.
The 287,326.8 square metre labyrinth is all done by foot, so it makes for a great workout! You are still going to want to look cute because there are a lot of Insta-worthy shots to be taken at this corn-maze.
Just make sure you bring a lot of water, comfortable shoes and snacks.
Its path to the title of largest in the world was not straightforward. Despite intial hopes to welcome thousands of people, the site attracted only 4 people on its opening night. 
In the years that followed, however attendance grew — from 9,000 visitors in 2015 to a whopping 16,500 in 2017!
This year, the labyrinth finally "eclipsed the world record held since 2014 by Cool Path Pumpkins" in Dixon, California. Servlinks' 71-acre field, "the equivalent of 181 hockey rinks," now dwarfs Dixon's 60-acre maze.
Before you rush to conquer the labyrinth, however, you have to be aware of a few rules.
By participating, you are agreeing that the only “ecological footprint you will leave is the footprint of your footsteps.” You are not permitted to: pull on the corn, create shortcuts or bring alcohol.
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