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Time to Hit Pay Dirt

Up to 10% off* on the toughest tillage equipment in the market.

With the John Deere 2623VT, you can make the most of the benefits vertical tillage offers — a level seedbed for enhanced germination, improved size and anchor residue for faster decomposition, and impressive operating speeds for exceptional time-savings. With a unique 21-degree angle on the front gang and 19-degree angle on the rear gang, the 2623VT delivers aggressive sizing and chopping ability in tough residue in fall — while helping create an ideal seedbed in the spring.

And check out the 2210 Floating-Hitch Field Cultivator … built with the heavy-duty strength and reliability that have made John Deere field cultivators the best choice for seedbed prep. It delivers smooth seedbeds for faster soil warming, so you can plant earlier and take advantage of longer-season, higher-yielding varieties. Or choose the 2210 Level-Lift Field Cultivator — perfect for flat to gently rolling ground.

Up to 8% off* on the most accurate seeding tools around.

Maximize the potential of your topsoil and your bottom line with John Deere planters, offering the smartest technology in the industry that’s designed to achieve uniform emergence and higher yields. From the precision of our ProMax 40 disk to deliver 99% singulation and world-class spacing … to the broad control of RowCommand™, which allows you to reduce overplanting … to the intelligence of SeedStar™ XP for a clear, real-time view of seed spacing, placement, and downforce. This is planter performance at its best.

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