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Unverferth Announces Purchase of Orthman Manufacturing Inc.

Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. is excited to announce the purchase of Orthman Manufacturing’s agricultural product lineup and the two manufacturing locations based in Lexington, Neb.  Manufacturing personnel and various support people will be offered employment with the new ownership. 

Unverferth Manufacturing has a well-known reputation for building upon the several businesses it has acquired over the last 75 years.  With that growth comes a commitment to the employees through industry-leading wages, health care and other benefits along with positive impacts on local communities.  Unverferth Mfg. saw a natural fit with the culture, the people and the innovative, well-built products at Orthman Manufacturing.  Major equipment and facility investments have been made at the Lexington locations over the past several years that present great opportunities for increased production.

John McCoy, Orthman preceding owner and company president, stated “I have the utmost confidence that Unverferth Manufacturing will continue growing the Orthman name and most importantly take care of the respective employees. The culture and innovative drive at Orthman is very similar to that of Unverferth Manufacturing”. McCoy retains ownership of the Orthman Conveying Systems business and is excited about the prospect of expanding that venture in the years to come.

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