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USDA WASDE Agri Supply And Demand Report.

Jan USDA WASDE Review :

 The USDA released the January World Agriculture Supply And Demand Estimates Report Friday at 12pm EST.

The initial market reaction to the information is Bullish for Corn futures prices, Slightly bullish to neutral Soybean futures prices and Bearish wheat futures prices.

Full Coverage OF USDA WASDE Report

WASDE: Wheat Exports are Projected 25 Million Bushels Higher

WASDE: Projected Corn Use for 2013/14 is raised

WASDE: Projected Stocks of 659 Million Bushels Remain at a 5-Year Low.

WASDE: U.S. Oilseed Production for 2013/14 is Estimated at 97.3 Million tons

WASDE: U.S. Cotton Estimates for 2013/14 are Revised to Higher Production

USDA Crop Progress Report

USDA Crop Production Report

USDA Crop Production Annual Summary


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