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Use of Unapproved ASF Vaccines Causes International Concern

The Manager of the Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network says the use of illegal vaccines in China to protect pigs from African Swine Fever is cause for world wide concern. African Swine Fever continues to circulate in China and some of the new outbreaks have been linked to the use of unapproved vaccines derived from live virus with two genes deleted.
Dr. Jette Christensen, the Manager of the Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network, says the use of unapproved vaccines to address a any infection poses a risk.
Clip-Dr. Jette Christensen-Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network:
What seems to have happened in China is that there have been some unlicensed or illegal vaccines that have been used and that has created a situation where you have vaccine strains of African Swine Fever that are actually spreading and causing minor symptoms or clinical disease.
This is disturbing and it is really a reminder that illegal vaccinations or unlicensed vaccinations for African Swine Fever or any other disease is not a good solution to health problems.
It really can risk that you're spreading a disease rather than controlling it because the procedures and the approval processes for vaccines are there to protect the health status.
Source : Farmscape

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