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Volvo Penta & CMB.TECH Partner on Dual-Fuel Hydrogen Engines

Building on a successful collaboration, Volvo Penta and CMB.TECH have announced a partnership agreement designed to accelerate the development of dual-fuel hydrogen-powered solutions for both on land and at sea applications. The strengthened collaboration will include joint projects ranging from pilots to small scale industrialization, providing increased access to this important technology for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

CMB.TECH owns, operates, and designs large marine and industrial applications powered by hydrogen and ammonia – fuels that it both manufactures and supplies to its customers. Volvo Penta is a manufacturer of engines and complete power systems for boats, vessels, and industrial applications. The companies have worked together in pilot projects since 2017 successfully adapting Volvo Penta engines to run as a dual-fuel hydrogen and diesel solution via the conversion kit provided by CMB.TECH.

A low-carbon solution

The strengthened collaboration will create synergies aimed at leveraging the competences and product offerings of both companies – establishing dual-fuel hydrogen technology as a low-carbon interim solution before suitable zero-emissions alternatives become viable. It is an important step in Volvo Penta’s and CMB.TECH’s joint ambition to help accelerate their customers’ transition to net-zero emissions.

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