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What Could a Tech Upgrade do for Your Farm In 2018?
What Could a Tech Upgrade do for Your Farm In 2018?
When you remember your equipment with a precision farming upgrade during this season of giving, you can rest easy knowing it’s one present that will keep on giving for years to come.
Consider autoguidance, for example. Adding this technology to your operation helps reduce skips and overlaps, saving you fuel and labor costs and helping you better manage your seed, fertilizer and crop protection inputs. Autoguidance also can help simplify field operations and even add hours to the day during critical operating windows.
Best of all, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) offers steering and guidance technology for your entire fleet of tractors, combines, sprayers and precision hay equipment, regardless of make, model or vintage. You’ll also find the advice and support to help you add precision farming capabilities to your operation at your pace and in line with your individual goals and objectives.
Start with a versatile receiver
An AFS AccuStar GPS receiver from Case IH is an excellent way to add AFS ElectriSteer autoguidance and/or yield mapping capabilities. This affordable differential global positioning (DGPS) receiver features simple and intuitive operation, allowing you to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade or add precision capabilities. After installing the magnetic base and harnessing, the AFS AccuStar receiver can be utilized for all kinds of applications:
  • AFS ElectriSteer assisted steering (autoguidance)
  • GPS positioning for combine yield mapping
  • Stand-alone GPS applications
  • Providing GPS to third-party displays and/or applications
Easy-to-add autoguidance
With a receiver in place, you’ve opened the doors to all the benefits autoguidance can bring to your operation. AFS ElectriSteer is a quick, easy and affordable way to realize those benefits on all your vehicles. The universal steering motor connects with the AFS Pro 700 display to provide autoguidance for used and new machines across many equipment manufacturers.
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