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What's Ahead in Agriculture's Journey Toward Artificial Intelligence

Agriculture is among the last major industries to become digitized. It’s doesn’t come as a major surprise, seeing as how off-road, rural environments are more challenging than roadway systems or manufacturing floors.

However, as the connectivity gap continues to close, there is tremendous opportunity to capture data that can ultimately lead to transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

“To put it as simply as possible, AI allows computer systems to complete tasks that are normally performed by humans,” said Mark Kuehn, OEM sales manager for North America at Trimble.

Given that definition, AI could mean everything from cognitive tasks like data analytics and forecasting to physical tasks like spraying weeds and picking produce. As presented in AEM’s whitepaper, The Future of Food Production, examples already exist that reinforce the positive impacts AI can have. For instance, robots utilizing machine learning can detect and pick harvestable fruit in a fraction of the time a human can.

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