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When Inches Count, Meters Matter

When Inches Count, Meters Matter

When it comes to planting, every inch counts. You have one chance to plant your seed at the correct depth and spacing, with good seed-to-soil contact. Without proper meter calibration, your planter accuracy can suffer.

There’s no better scene than a crop with row after row of consistently spaced plants, all growing at the exact same height and stage — a key indicator of a successful yield. That outcome starts when the seeds go into the ground, and something as simple as calibrating your meters this winter can boost your bottom line next year.

The only way to ensure you’re planting at your target rate is to calibrate your meters. If a planter is not properly calibrated, conditions such as high planting speeds or a rough seedbed can magnify stand variability problems. While seed meters should run at 98% or better, many only deliver 92% to 97% accuracy. That’s why meters should be calibrated every year.

While 98%+ accuracy might seem like a small difference over typical meters, this can have a big impact on yield and help you maximize your seed investment. Case IH Premier Certified Dealers offer a variety of testing applications, including:

  •  Population
  •  Test run log
  •  Vacuum
  •  Singulation
  •  Seed information
  •  Seed release index
  •  Loss per acre
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