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Will We See A Familiar Face In The US Department Of Agriculture?

US President Joe Biden is now sitting in the Oval Office in Washington, DC.
One of his top priorities will be finalizing his inner cabinet.
Tom Vilsack is expected to return as Secretary of Agriculture a role he served in under the Obama Administration.
Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says the change in the White House means we should have a partner that is more predictable:
"We know that the Americans will always be a tough trading partner, but in the same time, I'm confident that we will have discussions based on science. That we will be able to trust that they will comply with the agreement that we have both signed. This predictability will be very much appreciated."
Some farm groups here in Canada may have some issues with Vilsack's return, remembering the battles over U.S. country-of-origin labelling and Canada's supply managed sector.
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