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Winter Forecast: Ontario to be Hard Hit

AccuWeather’s winter forecast is suggesting Ontario may bear the brunt of the season’s bad weather.
Released on Monday, the forecast is pointing to a cold winter in the northwestern part of the province, while the remainder of Ontario looks to be in for relatively stormy conditions, especially during December and January.
“The weather pattern has the potential to deliver several significant snowfall events to regions, including the greater Toronto area and into the Ottawa Valley,” the forecast said.
There is also the potential for some significant ice or sleet events across interior southern Ontario, especially during the middle of winter. However, things should get better later on as the main storm track could shift farther east by February, the forecast said.
Overall, the Ontario winter should feature near-average daytime highs, while nighttime lows will experience above-average temperatures due to increased cloud cover.
For Western Canada, AccuWeather is predicting the strongest surges of Arctic air in the eastern half of the Prairies this winter, along with bursts of snowfall from quick-moving storms. Regardless, the Prairie winter is not expected to be particularly snowy this year. Farther west, the Alberta winter is forecast to be windier than usual, with a higher number of chinook events compared to normal in the southwestern portion of the province.
Source : Syngenta