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NPB - sow housing

Because the organism is present in the microbiome of healthy pigs, differentiating pigs who could be carrying a potentially dangerous Strep zoo becomes a challenge.

Reduced stress offers defense against Strep zoo
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NPB - feed in feeder

Researchers at Kansas State University found that antimicrobial properties of additives can protect pigs from the virus.

Feed additives may mitigate ASF risk

To facilitate the development of vaccines to prevent swine dysentery, researchers investigate the mechanisms the pathogen uses to cause infection.

Scientists tackle challenge of swine dysentery

By improving nutritional strategies, scientists hope to reduce mortality and improve the performance of low birth weight piglets.

Nutritional strategies for low birth weight piglets

How will this mix of forces affect the ag industry in this challenging year?

Pork, pandemics and politics: U.S. agricultural trade with China
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Pathogens like S. suis continue to cause major issues for growing and adult pigs.

Manage bacterial pathogens
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Expert Commentary
Improve biosecurity and welfare of animals during transportation

Check out the update on this project which aims to enhance cleanability of this prototype trailer.

Improve biosecurity and welfare of animals during transportation
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