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pig wearing a mask

Dr. Matheus Costa said there is evidence the disease can jump from one species to another and back.

Humans added to list of vectors capable of spreading Strep Zoo
Compensation Benchmarking Tool and Data Analysis Project

It’s all part of a push for renegotiations of the UK’s ascension to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Sask Pork joins Canadian Pork Council in 'Say No to a Bad Deal' coalition

The latest Rabobank quarterly report suggests that pork production will slow down due to reduced sow herd in China, US, and some European countries.

Pork market dynamics - challenges & opportunities ahead

The porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus caused a $650 million loss in the US market.

Pork, pathogens and progress—a close look at PRRSV research

Dr. Lee-Anne Huber, an associate professor specializing in swine nutrition, in the Department of Animal Biosciences at the University of Guelph, says the goal is to find nutritional strategies to maximise mammary development.

Addition of fibre provides balance in diets of developing gilts
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Dr. Garrin Shipman discusses using post-protein distillers grains as a sustainable alternative fibre source in swine diets.

Fibre's future in pig diets
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All hands on deck

In this video, the pigs need chored, the horse and cow need a fresh bale, and the hog barn needs repairs.

All hands on deck
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